Gaming PCs & Custom PC Builds

Looking for a gaming PC? Want the best performance for your budget? Not sure what spec you need?

We offer a wide range of gaming & custom PC building services.

Buy once. Buy right

We’ve lost count the number of time’s we’ve had to drop the bad news about incompatible hardware. 

Hands on, in home builds

Want to help build your dream PC? We can build your PC at your home for full peace of mind. 

Repairs, upgrades and more

From Windows repairs, software installations to SSD upgrades and fault finding. If it’s a computer… we can fix it.

Gaming PCs.
Built not Bought

We know gaming PCs.

We are PC gaming enthusiasts so we take pride in our custom PC building. Giving you the best bang for buck and making sure your new gaming rig is spec’ed for your needs.

Contact us for more information.

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