CCTV Security Systems IP CCTV

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IP based cameras are the future of digital surveillance and monitoring. They allow cameras to be integrated into your existing wireless and wired network while offering greater flexibility, better performance and easier installation.

Fully digital CCTV systems allow for a whole range of features that have not been possible on traditional analogue systems. These include

  • Remote monitoring via the internet and smart devices including iPads, iPhones, iPods and Android devices)
  • Instant email / SMS alerting
  • Automatic event off site storage for the ultimate in instant archiving and protection
  • Easy downloading of events / incidents
  • Modular installations with easy expansion
  • Easy installation via (Power over Ethernet POE) that can be integrated into your existing network
  • Support for a wide ¬†range of cameras including PTZ (controllable), webcams and traditional IP cameras

We work with a dedicated team of cable installers meaning that your cameras can be fitted throughout your property without the mess and fuss often associated with traditional CCTV installations.

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